Thursday, May 3, 2018

Angie Quick


That the soul requires ritual/ smoothed back breathed unconscious fur/ damped by
whispers/ would weigh a heat/ trapped scent/ that could be described as rustic/
antiquated relief/ of the body/ untamed balding limbs on the linen spread/ let weave and
wave the worth/ each thread/ with honey accusing the wound/ slips light/
It would have been the word wild/wild/wild
had 3000 years not been enough to arrive at an after-life.

Angie Quick (b. 1989, Calgary, Alberta) is a self-taught painter and poet working in London, Ontario. She is known for her large oil paintings, which explore flesh in a historical and contemporaneous manner. Her practice experiments with the nature of language and sensation within both a visual and performative context. Her work can be seen at

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