Monday, March 12, 2018

Tom Cull


European green crab
Purple loosestrife
Zebra mussel
Sea lamprey
Emerald ash borer
Gypsy moth
Sub-Saharan Zeus moss
Asian long-horned beetle
Giant hogweed
Asiatic carpe diem
Common buckthorn
Northern snakehead
Killer shrimp
Rusty crayfish
Brown spruce longhorn beetle
Mountain pine beetle
Sirex woodwasp
Dutch oven
Butternut canker
Common crested brohammer
Japanese knotweed
Garlic mustard
Dog-strangling vine
Alfalfa blotch leafminer
Stuffed crust pizza
Prussian drone operator
Eurasian witch lemming
Holy Roman trebuchet
Oriental weather loach
Asian swamp eel
African clawed frog
Spanish slug
European yellow-tailed scorpion
Red-eared slider
Water hyacinth
Gangis Kanye
Eurasian wild boar
Burmese python
Tyrannosaurus rex
Giant African land snail
Three-sceptred monarch
Herb-crusted salmon
Panko-crusted tilapia
Open-concept kitchen
Spotted eastern gulch
Barrel-chested man-child
Three-steepled tree weevil
Right said Fred

Tom Cull grew up in Huron County and now resides in London, Ontario, where he teaches creative writing and serves as the city’s current Poet Laureate. His chapbook, What the Badger Said, was published in 2013. Since 2012, Tom has been the director of Thames River Rally, a grassroots environmental group that he co-founded with his partner Miriam Love, and their son, Emmett. His first full-length poetry collection, Bad Animals, is due out in spring 2018 from Insomniac Press.

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